Bentley Continental GT

Driving Dynamics

The coupé's wide, low-sprung appearance is more than just for looks. Its width means it sits aggressively low to the road and in motion is incredibly stable at all speeds, in all circumstances.

State-of-the-art suspension, including Intelligent Continuous Damping Control, constantly monitors the car’s attitude and poise to provide a supple ride at low speeds and increased control as your speed climbs.

The Continental GT benefits from one of the world’s most advanced all-wheel-drivesystems. Its ability to accelerate under a wave of torque at any speed, in all weather conditions is unparalleled. In addition, the uprated Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system operates alongside the all-wheel drive system to deliver superb reassurance whatever your driving style.


With increases in power, torque and fuel efficiency; the Continental GT’s engine is renowned as one of the most technologically advanced of its kind. Designed in a unique ‘W’ configuration, it is the most compact 12-cylinder engine in the world.

Capable of running on the latest environmentally sustainable bio-fuels thanks to its advanced FlexFuel technology, allowing it to run seamlessly on gasoline, bioethanol (E85) or any combination of the two.

The Continental GT is even faster than its predecessor. In tandem with a new 8-speed Quickshift transmission, gear change times are reduced by 50 per cent, it will launch from standstill to 60mph in just 4.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 198mph (318km/h).

Automotive Specs

Body Style Coupe
Engine 6-litre W12 twin-turbocharged Flexfuel
Transmissioin 8-speed ZF transmission
Power 567 BHP (423 kW) @6000 rpm
Torque 516 lb/ft (700 Nm) @1700 rpm
Acceleration 4.6s (0-60mph)
Max Speed 198 mph (318 kmh)
CO2 Emissions 338 g/km
City Driving 13.0 USmpg
Highway Driving 20.0 USmpg
Combined 15.0 USmpg

Available Trims

Continental GT V8

Body Style Saloon
Engine Capacity 3993cc
Max Power 500bhp / 507 PS / 373kW @ 6000rpm
Max Torque 660Nm, 487 lb-ft @ 1700rpm
Acceleration 4.6s (0-60mph)
Max Speed 188mph / 303km/h
CO2 Emissions 246g/km
City Driving 15.0 USmpg
Highway Driving 24.0 USmpg

Continental GT Speed

Body Style Saloon
Engine Capacity 5998cc
Max Power 616bhp / 460kW / 625PS @6000rpm
Max Torque 800Nm, 590 lb-ft @1700rpm
Acceleration 4s (0-60mph)
Max Speed 205 mph (330 kmh)
CO2 Emissions 338 g/km
City Driving 13.0 USmpg
Highway Driving 20.0 USmpg

Continental GT V8 Speed

Body Style Coupe
Engine Capacity 3993 cc
Max Power 521bhp / 528 PS / 389kW @ 6000rpm
Max Torque 680Nm, 502 lb.ft @ 1700rpm
Acceleration 4.3s (0-60mph)
Max Speed 192 mph (309 kmh)
CO2 Emissions 246 g/km
City Driving 15 USmpg
Highway Driving 24 USmpg